Dr. Grenier and our research partners at the Old Brewery Mission were pleased to raise issues of homelessness in later life at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness, held in Vancouver in November 2014. Dr. Grenier was part of a four paper panel addressing senior’s homelessness. Dr. Grenier’s presentation (co-authored with R.Barken), entitled “Rethinking the Centrality of ‘Home’ with Regards to Older Homelessness,” drew on findings from a review of frameworks on aging and strategies on homelessness. This paper drew attention to the challenges and gaps that exist at the intersections of aging and homelessness, and suggested potential ways forward in responding to homelessness among older people.

Organized by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, the conference brought together community leaders, agencies, front line workers, researchers, and policymakers to discuss challenges and progress in efforts to end homelessness across Canada. We were pleased to participate in these conversations and to see that older people are better included in Canadian agendas on homelessness. We look forward to continued collaboration with stakeholders in policy, practice, and research communities to develop effective responses to older homelessness.